White funeral doves, memorials, weddings, celebrations, and outdoor occasions.
White Dove Releases Long Island, NY
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Serving  some areas of eastern Nassau and western Suffolk Counties on  LI, New York
Funeral or wedding doves...
always unexpected, always
Our white doves will help make your event be the one that leaves
everyone talking for years to come! Including a white dove release
will add that "something special" and leave you and your guests
with wonderful memories. Their beauty, as our white doves soar
into the sky and circle overhead is truly breathtaking.
Let us help you create a unique
and unforgettable memory!
A white dove release is symbolic of celebration, new beginnings,
peace, love, serenity and the Holy Spirit. They have been used in
ceremonies throughout  the world for centuries.

Beautiful  white doves  for your funeral, wedding, memorial service
or special event, on Long Island,  NY. We have been  raising,
and flying birds for 20 years. Our birds are trained to fly home.
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White Dove Weddings
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to expect when you release  white doves at your
WhiteWings NY Dove Releases
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Serving some areas of eastern Nassau and western Suffolk Counties
on Long Island, New York
Release Policy…
We will never ship or drop off birds for self-release. Beware of vendors that insist it is okay to do this and assure you the birds
can make a new home in your area. It is untrue. These birds can NEVER be released indoors.

A professional handler, properly dressed for the occasion, is necessary to supervise the release and ensure a safe, well-
coordinated event. Traffic, trees, buildings, weather and guests are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration by
an experienced handler before a release.

The only type of bird that should ever be used in releases are well trained white homing pigeons. Period. Our birds are trained to
fly home from a safe distance. We train them to know how to fly home in our release area. If shipped out of their home area
they will not fly home. They haven’t been trained. They will starve to death or be dinner for predators. They do not know how to
survive in the wild.

Never release white ring neck doves. It is certain death for them. They have no homing ability and will probably land right after
being released. This is not the effect you are looking on your very special occasion and they will only perish if released.
White Doves For Funerals
& Memorial Services
Visit my funeral page for  our Funeral Doves or
click here to find a reputable member of the
White Dove Release Professionals if you are
not within my service area.
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